What Software Should You Install When You Join the Cybernetic Orchestra For the First Time (The "light install")

Max 6: The "runtime" version of Max 6 (sometimes also known as MaxMSP 6). This is a special free version of Max that will let you open and perform with Max instruments created by others, but will not let you save/create your own Max 6 instruments (for that you would need the fully paid version). Download and install the Max runtime from here: http://cycling74.com/downloads/runtime/

At and between every rehearsal, the orchestra has a common folder of software, code, examples, and other materials required for certain pieces - the "cybernetic" folder. Permanent members of the orchestra join a dropbox folder that keeps this folder up to date automatically (please be careful not to drag/move things out of this folder!). Usually people copy this folder to their desktop and use the copy on their desktop during rehearsals and performances. The folder includes the following pieces of software:

EspGrid: This software (written by Dr. O) is the central mechanism for the real-time sharing of beats, code, chat messages, and other things by the orchestra. When people are on a common network (WiFi or Ethernet) and each person runs the EspGrid application, they now constitute a "grid". With a few tricks, they'll be able to

miniAudicle: This software is the normal environment in which we do "live coding". miniAudicle is a convenient editor and performance interface for the ChucK programming language. You can run the application right out of the Cybernetic folder. On Mac, you can use the special hacked version "miniAudicle+ESP" - if you use this special version you will be able to share your code with others during the rehearsal more easily.

chucK: The folder also contains the "command line" version of the ChucK programming language. Sometimes we use this to perform pieces created for other laptop orchestras.

What Software Could You Install To Be Ready For Anything (the "deep install")

If you install all of the following software in permanent locations on your machine, you will be ready for anything. Sometime we should make a detailed list of instructions for these installations, some of which can be a little tricky (especially on Windows):
  • Max 6 runtime
  • miniAudicle (or on Mac, the special hacked miniAudicle+ESP version)
  • EspGrid
  • Jack & JackPilot
  • Qjackctl
  • jacktrip*
  • SuperCollider
  • PD