Practicing At Home

It is possible to recreate conditions similar to an orchestra rehearsal "at home" - practicing by yourself. This helps the level of the orchestra improve greatly!

1 for Mac: launch the EspGrid application. Turn the beat on (check box) and change the tempo (if desired).

1 for PC: launch the espClientForPC.maxpat Max patch (you will need to have the "runtime" version of Max installed for this to work). In the area at the bottom marked as "practice beat server" turn the beat on (x in the toggle box) and change the tempo (if desired).

2. On both Mac and PC, launch miniAudicle (launch miniAudicle+ESP on Mac). In miniAudicle's virtual machine monitor, start the virtual machine.

3. In miniAudicle, open and add the shred to the virtual machine. In miniAudicle's console monitor you should see beat-related messages, and if so, are ready to start practicing (with or without beat-oriented code).

Here's a simple piece of ChucK code to play a shaker on every downbeat (beat 1) - type or copy it, then click add shred:
Shakers s => dac;
while(true) {
Esp.b(1) => now;
1 => s.noteOn;