Aalto University Laptop Orchestra (AULO). Affiliated with Aalto University Laptop Orchestra, Finland.
Koray Tuhigulou, Director. Started in 2009.

Bard Laptop Orchestra (blork). Affiliated with Bard College, USA.
Miguel Frasconi, Director. 22 participants.

Birmingham Laptop Ensemble (BiLE). Affiliated with BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre), Birmingham University, UK.
Started in 2011, 6 participants.

BLOrk (Boulder Laptop Orchestra). Affiliated with University of Colorado at Boulder.
John Gunther, Director.

CiCLOP (Cincinnati Composers Laptop Orchestra). Affiliated with the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.
Started in 2011, 10 participants.

CLOrk (Concordia Laptop Orchestra). Affiliated with Concordia University.
Eldad Tsabary, Director. Started in 2011.

Electric Monster Ensemble. Affiliated with Montana State University.
Hsiao-Lan Wang, Director. Started in 2009, 8 participants.

EMU Laptop Ensemble. Affiliated with University of Ulm, Germany.
Dr. Dieter Trüstedt, Director. Started in 1986 (as EMU Ensemble), 8-10 participants.

FLEA (FIU Laptop and Electronic Arts) Ensemble. Affiliated with Florida International University.
Paula Matthusen, Director. 8 participants.

HELLO (Hope Experimental Live Laptop Orchestra). Affiliated with Liverpool Hope University, UK.
Manuella Blackburn, Director. Started in 2011.

HELO (Huddersfield Experimental Laptop Orchestra). Affiliated with Huddersfield University, UK.
Scott Hewitt, Director. Started in 2008.

IBULOrk (Istanbul Bilgi University Laptop Orchestra). Affiliated with Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey.
Tolga Tüzün, Director. Started in 2009, 5 participants.

L2Ork (Linux Laptop Orchestra). Affiliated with Virginia Tech Music Department DISIS (Digital Interactive Sound & Intermedia Studio).
Ivica Ico Bukvic, Director. Started in 2009, up to 15 participants.

Barcelona Laptop Orchestra / Laptop Orchestra of the Esmuc. Affiliated with Catalonia School of Music (Spain) - Department of Sonology (L'Esmuc).
Joseph M Comajuncosas, Director. Started in 2007.

LOLs (Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana). Affiliated with Louisiana State University.
Stephen David Beck, Director. Started in 2010, 10 participants.

Manchester Metropolitan University Laptop Ensemble (MMULE). Affiliated with Metropolitan Manchester University.
Martin Blain and Jason Woolley, Directors. Started in 2008.

MIRA Laptop and Electronic Arts Ensemble. Affiliated with St. Petersburg College, Florida.
Started in 2011.

Moscow Laptop Cyber Orchestra (CybOrk). Affiliated with the Theremin Center at Moscow State Conservatory.
Andrey Smirnov, Director. Started in 2006.

New Music Ensemble Laptop Orchestra (NuMuLO). Affiliated with University of Calgary.
Laurie Radford, Director.

Oslo Laptop Orchestra (OLO). Affiliated with the University of Oslo and the Norwegian Academy of Music, Norway.
Kjell Tore Innervik, Alexander Refsum Jensenius, Directors. Started in 2007.

PLOrk (Princeton Laptop Orchestra). Affiliated with Princeton University, USA.
Dan Trueman and Rebecca Fiebrink, Directors. Started in 2005.

Royal College of Music Laptop Orchestra. Affiliated with the Royal College of Music, UK.
Michale Oliva, Director. Started in 2010.

SLOrk (Stanford Laptop Orchestra). Affiliated with Stanford University, UK.
Ge Wang, Director. Started in 2008, 20+ participants.

UBC Laptop Orchestra. Affiliated with the University of British Columbia.
Bob Pritchard and Keith Hamel, Directors.

Unknown Devices. Affiliated with the London College of Communication.
David Toop, Director. Started in 2005.

WCU Laptop Arts Ensemble. Affiliated with West Chester University, USA.
Van Stiefel, Director. Started in 2010.


WCU Laptop Quartet (West Chester University). Affiliated with West Chester University, USA.
Larry Nelson and Van Stiefel, Directors. Started in 2010(?)

Wiivaldi Laptop Quartet. Affiliated with Libera Università de Bolzano, Italy.
Adige Risuona, Director.


Dublin Laptop Orchestra (DubLork). Alex Dowling and Dan Trueman, Directors.
Started in 2011.

Endliche Automaten / Laptop Orchestra Berlin (EALOB). Based in Berlin, Germany.
Started in 2005.

Laptop Orchestra. Based in Tokyo.
Philippe Châtelain, Director. Started in 2002, 6 particpants.

Manchester Laptop Orchestra (MLO).
James O'Shea, Director.

Sideband. (Spinoff of PLOrk.)
Started in 2010, 7 participants.

St. Louis Laptop Ensemble. Affiliated with the New Music Circle, St. Louis, Missouri.

Third Eye Laptop Orchestra.
Hans Tammen, Director. Started in 2009(?).

Other Ensembles (who perform with laptops, but do not call themselves laptop orchestras)

Endphase. (Trio: Alberto C. Bernal, Johannes Kreidler, Joao Pais)
Started in 2004.

European Bridges Ensemble. Georg Hajdu, Director.
Started in 2005, 5 participants.

MIMEO (Music in Movement Electronic Orchestra).
Started in 1997, 11 members.

The Hub.
Started in 1989, 6 members.


Giovanni Cospito Laptop Orchestra. Affiliated with the Conservatorio di Como, Italy.
Giovanni Cospito, Director. Started in 2008.

Worldscape Laptop Orchestra. Affiliated with the University of York, UK.
Ambrose Field, Director.

Defunct / On Hiatus / Inactive

Carnegie Mellon Laptop Orchestra (CMLO). Carnegie Mellon University, USA.
Roger B. Dannenberg, Director. 2006.

Grainface Laptop Ensemble. Affiliated with the Institute for Musicology and Music Informatics at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany.

Helsinki Computer Orchestra
Tommi Keränen, Director. 2003.

ImproMasters Version 1 Affiliated with the Sibelius Academy, Finland.
Shinji Kanki, Director. 2004-05.

ImproMasters Version 2. Affiliated with the Sibelius Academy, Finland.
Shinji Kanki, Director. 2005-06.

ImproMasters Version 3. Affiliated with the ECMCT (European Cause for Music Composition and Technology).
Shinji Kanki, Director. 2007, 8 participants.

ImproMasters Version 4. Nordic Sound Art workshop held in Mälmö, Sweden.
Shinji Kanki, Director. 2008.

McGill Digital Orchestra. Affiliated with McGill University.
Sean Ferguson, Director. 2006-08.

MiLO (Milwaukee Laptop Orchestra). 2007-08.

New York Laptop Orchestra. (2009?)

Regina Electroacoustic Performance Orchestra (REAPOR). 2008-09.

Seattle Laptop Orchestra. (2006-07?)

Super D'Orch Digital Orchestra. Based in Edinburgh.
Started in 2009, 5 participants

Toshiba-funded Laptop Orchestra.
2004, 15 participants.