From time to time it is useful to use the Jack routing software, with or without the additional jacktrip software for sending audio over a network. There are three software packages you need to install, in practice, to make all of this possible: Jack (better known on Mac OS X as JackPilot), QjackCtl and jacktrip. Jack (JackPilot) provides the underlying service of routing audio from one application to another, QjackCtl is useful for controlling the way routing takes place in Jack, and jacktrip is used to send audio from one computer to another over a network.

1. To install Jack (i.e. jackpilot), simply run the installer package. (In the cybernetic folder, this is found under "installers and help" - and it can also be found readily online.)

2. To install QjackCtl, simply copy the application from the cybernetic folder to your Applications folder (or another location of your choice, including your local copy of the cybernetic folder).

3. To install jacktrip it is advisable to follow the slightly more complicated sequence of steps below - while representing a more complicated

a. Find the file "jacktrip" in the cybernetic folder (or online) and copy/move it to an easy location like your desktop.

b. Launch Terminal (hint: use spotlight in the upper right corner of your mac, type terminal, then launch the application that spotlight finds).

c. At the terminal prompt, type "cd Desktop" to change directory/folder to your desktop (which is "under" your personal user directory).

d. Type the following command to copy the jacktrip application to a location in your operating system where it will always be found. After pressing enter you will probably be asked to enter your password (whatever you normal enter when approving changes/upgrades to your system): sudo cp jacktrip /usr/bin

e. Now type the following command to allow your system to execute or "run" the jacktrip application:
sudo chmod 755 /usr/bin/jacktrip

f. To test if all this works type "jacktrip" and press enter at the terminal prompt. If you get a bunch of messages about the options to jacktrip then you're all set. From now on (into the future) you can access jacktrip easily from any terminal window.

Now you are ready to use all of this to establish jacktrip connections over the network. The above installation steps only need to be completed once on any given machine!