Materials for students in McMaster audio classes (including MMEDIA 2G03, 3C03 and 3S03)
Link: ESP studio (aka TSH-208, including guidelines and troubleshooting documents)
Link: REAPER tips

Cybernetic Orchestra materials
Link: Cybernetic Orchestra Winter 2015 CD production and party prep (with SuperCollider code examples)
Link: SuperCollider multi-channel example code (examples of synths and pattern that adapt from mono/stereo to multi-channel performance situations)
Link: Installing Jack(Pilot), QjackCtl and Jacktrip (installing software for sending audio from one app or computer to another)
Link: ChucK code for Cybernetic Orchestra (an outdated collection of example ChucK/miniAudicle code used by the Cybernetic Orchestra)

Electroacoustics, Space and Performance (ESP) research maps
Link: Audio Programming
Link: Live Coding
Link: Laptop Orchestras
Link: Digital Humanities & Live Coding
Link: Journals and Conferences

Additional Bibliographies (to be reorganized into research maps soon!)
Link: Digital Preservation bibliography
Link: Gender and EA bibliography
Link: Telematic Performance bibliography
Link: Rhythm and EA
Link: Electronic Improvisation
Link: Synchronization issues in Electronic Music
Link: History of Audio Programming
Link: Non-Programming Audio Software
Link: MaxMSP bibliography
Link: Mobile Phone Orchestra bibliography
Link: Laptop Orchestra Directory
Link: Mobile Phone Orchestra Directory